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The Legend of Bruce Lee

Interactive CD containing photo collection, exclusive documentary of Bruce Lee in training and wallpaper.


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One day, Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto were driving along, talking about swordsmanship. Bruce said that the most efficient way of countering in fencing is the "stop-hit", in which you parry and counter all in one move; that is, when the opponent attacks, you intercept the move with a thrust of your own. The idea is to score a hit in the middle of your attacker's action, making it the most economical of all counters.

Bruce then said, "We should call our method 'the stop-hitting fist style,' or 'the intercepting fist style.'"

"What would that be in Chinese?" asked Inosanto. "That would be Jeet Kune Do," said Bruce.

(Extracted from 'Bruce Lee - Fighting Spirit' by Bruce Thomas)

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BRANDON LEE         

Here's the complete list of Brandon Lee's movies.


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Here's the complete list of Shannon Lee's movies.

Bruce Lee

1 Thunderstorm Pearl City
2 The Green Hornet Brentwood
3-9 Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection -
The Big Boss
Fist Of Fury
Way Of The Dragon
Enter The Dragon
Game Of Death
Game Of Death II
Ultimate Special Features - Documentary
Fortune Star
10 Bruce Lee : The Legend - Documentary MediaAsia
11 Bruce Lee & I - Danny Lee/Betty Ting Pei Shaw Bros
12 The New Game Of Death - Bruce Li Shaw Bros
13 Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do - Documentary W.Missingham
14 Bruce Lee : The Path Of The Dragon - Documentary W.Missingham
15 Bruce Lee : A Dragon Story - Bruce Li Tai Seng
16 Master Arts Master, The Life Of Bruce Lee - Documentary Guy Scutter
17 Bruce Lee : Death By Misadventure - Documentary Independent
18 Bruce Lee : The Man & The Legend - Documentary Fortune Star
19 Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story - Jason Scott Lee Universal
20 Dragon : Since 1973 - Documentary Apluspictures
21 Bruce Lee : A Warrior's Journey - Documentary Warner
22 Spirit Of The Dragon - David Wu (Series) ATV (1992)
23 The Legend Of Bruce Lee - Kwok Kwan Chan (DVD Series) CCTV (2008)
24 New Fist Of Fury  - Jacky Chan (Continue from FOF) Golden Harvest (1976)
25 The True Game Of Death (VCD) - Hsao Lung (Remake of GOD) Ho Hsin Motion Pics (1981)
26 Legend Of A Fighter (VCD) - Liang Kar Yan (Story of Fok Yuen Kap) Golden Harvest (1994)
27 Fist Of Legend - Jet Li (Remake of FOF) Eastern Productions (1994)
28 Fist Of Fury (Series) - Donnie Yen (Remake of FOF) ATV (1995)
29 The Spirit Of The Dragon (VCD) - Michael Chow Golden Harvest (1997)
30 Dragon In Fury - Dragon Shek (Remake of FOF) Tai Seng (2004)
31 Return Of Dragon (VCD) - Dragon Shek (Continue from FOF) IFD Films (2002)
32 Fearless - Jet Li (Story of Fok Yuen Kap) Beijing Film Studio (2006)

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