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         Following a great victory, King Cyrus of Persia took as prisoners a noble prince, his wife, and their children. When they were brought into the leader's tent to stand before him, Cyrus said to the prince, "What will you give me if I set you free?"

          He replied, "I will give you half of all that I possess."

          "And what will you give me if I release your children?" continued Cyrus.

          "Your majesty, I will give you all that I possess."

          The king questioned him further, "But what will you give me if I set your wife at liberty?"

          Looking at the one he loved so dearly, the prince replied without hesitation, "If you will restore my wife to freedom, I will give you my life."

          Cyrus was so moved by his devotion that he released the entire family without asking recompense. That evening, the prince said to his wife, "Did you not think Cyrus a very handsome man?"

          "I did not notice him," she answered.

          "Why, my dear, where were your eyes?" exclaimed her husband.

          She replied, "I had eyes only for the one who said he would lay down his life for me."

'The test of true love is total loyalty'