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Cathy Hapka - Sinbad And Marina  (2003)

Eris, the Goddess of Chaos has stolen the Book of Peace from Syracuse, and only Sinbad can get it back. But Marina does not trust Sinbad to complete this task. Stowing away on Sinbad's ship, she sets out to make sure that he keeps his promise to return with the Book. Together she and Sinbad face adventure, danger, and mysterious new lands. But will they be able to defeat Eris, or will the Book be lost to them forever? Based on the movie 'Sinbad : Legend of the Seven Seas', this exciting story of friendship and adventure on the high seas is illustrated with color images from the film.

Craig Shaw Gardner - The Other Sinbad  (1991)

Listen, my friends, to the tale of the Eighth Voyage of Sinbad the Sailor, on which he encounters again all the wonders and delights of his first seven voyages. Plus a few additional surprises. The lowliest of the low, Sinbad the Porter is accustomed to being called the other Sinbad in deference to the far more famous Sinbad. But now he has been recruited by that Sinbad to undertake a journey by sea, to replenish the Sailor's diminished fortune - and to avoid a very troublesome djinni. The other Sinbad, who has always longed for adventure, soon finds that one should be careful about what one wishes.

Eleanor Fremont - Sinbad, Legend Of The Seven Seas  (2003)

The Book of Peace is gone and the Goddess of Chaos has framed Sinbad for the crime. But Sinbad has one last chance to clear his name and bring back the Book. Together with the rowdy crew of the Chimen and Marina, the beautiful and impulsive stowaway, Sinbad must navigate the treacherous ocean waters and survive the dangerous creatures that lie in wait. Can Marina, Sinbad, and his crew retrieve the Book of Peace, or will chaos rule the day? This junior novelization is based on the movie 'Sinbad : Legend of the Seven Seas', an exhilarating story of adventure on the high seas packed with excitement and suspense.

John Ryder Hall - Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger  (1977)

A novelisation from the screenplay by Beverly Cross and story by Beverly Cross and Ray Harryhausen, this is the epic story of Sinbad's perilous journey to the ends of the Earth - in which the legendary hero battles with life, death and the terrifying powers of the supernatural - as he tries to free the fatal curse of Zenobia - the witch with the eyes of a tiger! There have been other Sinbad stories before - but never one like this!

N.J.Dawood - Tales From The Thousand And One Nights  (1973)

Originating from India, Persia and Arabia, the Tales from the Thousand and One Nights represents the lively expression of a lay and secular imagination in revolt against religious austerity and zeal in oriental literature. They depict a fabulous and fanciful world of jinns and sorcerers, but their bawdiness, realism and variety of subject matter also firmly anchor them to everyday life. In this volume the translator Dawood has caught the freshness and spontaneity of the stories - which, although imaginative and extravagant, are a faithful mirror of medieval Islam.

Dawood has also translated The Koran and numerous technical works into Arabic, written and spoken radio and film commentaries, and contributed to specialized English-Arabic dictionaries. Born in Baghdad, he came to England as an Iraq State Scholar in 1954 and graduated from London University.

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