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The Story Of The Trapp Family Singers - Maria Augusta Trapp  (1949)

The book that inspired the most popular film of all time - The Sound Of Music. It tells of the enchanting true story of a young Austrian girl who brought love and music to a lonely widower and his large family. When the Nazis invaded Austria, Maria Von Trapp led the whole family to safety in a dramatic escape across the mountains. The story of the Trapp Family Singers is full of tenderness and pathos. Devoid of heroics, it abounds in simplicity, in a sincere religious spirit. It is not only entirely readable but thoroughly engrossing as well.

The Sound Of Music : The Making Of America's Favorite Movie - Julia Antopol Hirsch  (1993)

This book is a tribute to this beloved movie musical and a fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of the creation of a Hollywood classic. Through exclusive in-depth interviews with cast and crew, stills from the movie's most memorable scenes, snapshots from personal scrapbooks, and papers from the Fox Studios archives, Julia Hirsch re-creates the magic that is Music. The engaging narrative is both an insider's guide to, and a delightful celebration of, a film that truly is 'the happiest sound in all the world.' Screenwriter Julie Antopol Hirsch is a former story editor for Robert Wise Productions.

The Sound Of Music : The Saga Of The Screenplay - Ernest Lehman  (1994)

When Robert Wise is asked why The Sound Of Music is such a successful picture, he invariably ranks the screenplay by Ernest Lehman as one of the most important elements. But Lehman's involvement with The Sound Of Music began long before Wise's. When Lehman was hired as screenwriter on December 10, 1962, he initially dealt with the new head of production for 20th Century Fox, Richard Zanuck, who had decided to put The Sound Of Music into development. But Zanuck had not yet seen the stage play, so he and Ernest Lehman flew to New York on january 14, 1963.

This is where the saga of the screenplay for The Sound Of Music begins, and the process whereby the stage musical was transformed from Broadway hit to film phenomenon not only sheds light on the lasting endurance of the movie, but opens a window into the screenwriter's mind and serves as one of the best possible case studies of the art of adaption.

Through access to Lehman's carefully preserved and catalogued collection, archived at the University of Texas at Austin, the writing of The Sound Of Music can be documented in complete chronological detail.

Julie Andrews : A Life On Stage And Screen - Robert Windeler  (1998)

A star since she made her professional debut at the age of twelve in 1947, Julie Andrews became the toast of Broadway in My Fair Lady, when she was twenty. At thirty she was the most popular and most highly paid movie star in Hollywood. By forty her popularity was at its lowest, but by fifty she was a comeback sensation in Victor/Victoria, one of seven movies she made with her writer-director husband of nearly thirty years, Blake Edwards. At sixty she returned to Broadway to star in the stage version of Victor/Victoria, spurning a sure Tony Award to stand with her 'egregiously overlooked' stage family.

Here is the life story of Julie Andrews - her meteoric rise, her devastating fall, and her incredible return to the heights. Robert Windeler's affectionate and insightful biography reveals the full blooded woman behind the high and low notes.

Forever Liesl : A Memoir Of The Sound Of Music - Charmian Carr  (2000)

Charmain's delightful account of her adventures in making 'The Sound Of Music' is a must-read. It is filled with all the warmth and gaiety of the memorable movie and will make you go out and see it all over again. This is a lovely, beautifully told story.

The Sound Of Music Companion - Laurence Masion  (2006)

The official companion to the world's most beloved musical with foreword by Andrew Lloyd Webber. This book charts the incredible and enduring life of Maria Von Trapp, and the retelling of her story over the last hundred years - from Maria's birth in Vienna to the triumphal return of The Sound Of Music to the London Palladium in 2006.

Julie Andrews : An Intimate Biography - Richard Stirling  (2007)

Julie Andrews is the last of the great Hollywood musical stars, unequalled by any in her time. This is a biography of Julie Andrews as artist, wife and mother in over thirty-five years - combining the author's interviews with the star and his wide-ranging and riveting research. It is a frank but affectionate portrait of an enduring icon of stage and screen, 'the last of the really great broads', as Paul Newman once called her.

Home : A Memoir Of My Early Years - Julie Andrews  (2008)

Julie takes her readers on a warm, moving and often humorous journey from a difficult upbringing in war-torn Britain to the brink of international stardom in America. Along the way, she weathered the London Blitz of World War II; her parents' painful divorce; her mother's turbulent second marriage to Canadian tenor Ted Andrews and a childhood spent on radio, in music hall and giving concert performances all over England. Julie's profeccional career began at the age of 12, and in 1948 she became the youngest solo performer ever to participate in a Royal Command Performance before the Queen. When only 18, she left home for the United States to make her Broadway debut in The Boy Friend, and thus began her meteoric rise to stardom.

A Classic Collectible Pop-Up : The Sound Of Music - Bert Fink  (2009)

Watch the hills literally come alive in this magnificent pop-up adventure drawn from Rodgers & Hammerstein’s classic, The Sound of Music. With paper engineering as unforgettable as each timeless melody, The Sound of Music transports readers to the lush green hills of the Von Trapps’ Austria in this heartwarming tale of familial love and growth. This book, which is based on the beloved musical, includes recognizable songs, such as “My Favorite Things” and “Edelweiss.” This visually stunning work is sure to become a favorite in your family’s library.

The Sound Of Music : Family Scrapbook - Fred Bronson  (2012)

The inside story of the beloved movie musical, revealed by the actors who starred as the von Trapp children. This book contains never before seen personal photos and collectables from the seven actors and also a dvd of exclusive on-set and behind-the-scenes home movie footage.

A Brief Guide To The Sound Of Music - Paul Simpson  (2015)

The incredible story behind the world's best-loved musical and the remarkable family who inspired it. The story of the Von Trapp family and their dramatic escape from the Nazis has been made into numerous different books, musicals and films. In this fascinating and wide-ranging book, Paul Simpson explores the Von Trapps' extraordinary tale in all its forms : real-life adventure, book, stage show, award-winning film and international cultural phenomenon.

He looks in detail at how the beloved Broadway musical was brought triumphantly to the screen in Robert Wise's Oscar-winning film, revealing the many divergences from reality that fictionalisation brought. He also examines intriguing, though less well known adaptions, such as the two West German movies from the 1950s and the 40-part Japanese anime series from the 1990s.

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