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Malaysian Fencing Federation

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PO Box 8486, Kelana Jaya, 47301, Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel : 603 7873 0775     Fax : 603 7877 8464      Email :

The Malaysian Amateur Fencing Association was formed in 1959 and it's first president was mr.Ronnie I.Theseira. The name was later changed to Malaysian Fencing Federation (MFF) in 1964. In 1966, MFF joined to be a member of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). MFF is the national body of all fencers in Malaysia. The patron of MFF is the Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah. MFF currently have nine member states, namely Federal Territory, Johore, Kedah, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Sabah. Each member states in turn will have it's own fencers registered under it's own umbrella. Member states are run by an elected committee. These elected committee are then eligible to be elected to sit on the MFF executive committee. MFF is fully recognised and supported by the National Sports Council of Malaysia and is registered with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Malaysia. MFF is also a member of the following:-

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FIE (Federation Internationale D'escrime)

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CFF (Commonwealth Fencing Federation)

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FCA (Fencing Confederation of Asia)

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SEAFF (South East Asia Fencing Federation)

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OCM (Olympic Council of Malaysia)

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President Ahmad Farik Haji Abd Hamid (Ked)
Vice Presidents Mr. Alex Sham Ching Nam (Sbh) / Mr. Ricky Loo Chiew (Mkz)
Hon.Secretary En.Riduan Abdul (Jhr)
Hon.Treasurer Mr. Gokulavanan N. Krishnan (Prk)
Assist.Secretary Ms. Moira Tan (Per)
Committee Members TBA
Auditors TBA

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The following are meant as a guide for Malaysian fencers to prepare themselves. Some of the dates are tentative and yet to be confirmed. Please contact your respective state associations to find out more details.


00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA
00-00 Jan TBA, TBA

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Commonwealth Fencing Championships 1998 in Malaysia


The above two links are left on as a reference guide for Commonwealth fencers and officials.

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The following are the state fencing associations' contact person in alphabetical order.

ft_small.gif (1592 bytes) FT Amateur Fencing Association - En.Hisyam ( 013 - 330 1909 )

jhr_small.gif (1569 bytes) Johore Fencing Association - En.Riduan Abdul ( 019 - 681 5056 )

kedah-flag_small.gif (1316 bytes) Kedah Amateur Fencing Association - Puan Rusni Abu Hassan (012 - 699 6163)

mkz_small.gif (1465 bytes) Malacca Amateur Fencing Association - Mr.Ricky Loo ( 012 - 245 1361 )

ns-flag_small.gif (1935 bytes) Negeri Sembilan Fencing Association - Tuan Haji Norashid (019 - 367 0919)

pen_small.gif (1451 bytes) Penang Amateur Fencing Association - Mr.Lim Peng Jin ( 04 - 331 3884 )

nor_perak1_small.gif (1224 bytes) Perak Fencing Association - Mr.Gokulavanan N. Krishnan ( 012 - 508 0895 )

sbh_small.gif (1463 bytes) Sabah Fencing Association - Mr.Raymond Chan ( 088 - 234 323 )

sel_small.gif (1471 bytes) Selangor Amateur Fencing Association - Mr.Chan Pak Choong ( 012 - 251 8418 )

Wheelchair-fencing was first introduced by Sir Ludwig Guttman in 1953 and made its paralympic debut in Rome in 1960. Wheelchair-fencing in Malaysia? Kindly contact Pn.Siti at

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Performance at International Championships

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Currently not available

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Sukma Results

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