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(South East Asia Fencing Federation)

Fencing was first introduced in the SEA (South East Asia) Games in the 1987 Jarkarta Games. The five countries which took part in the fencing event decided to form an association to represent them in the region like other main sports. Thus, SEAFF was formed on the 12th September 1987 in Jarkarta, Indonesia. The Federation represents an organisation of the national fencing associations of countries in the South East Asia region, which are duly recognised by their respective National Olympic Committee and accredited by the Federation International D'Escrime. It is formed primarily to propagate, encourage, promote and develop the sport and art of amateur fencing within the region. The presidency of SEAFF would be rotated among the member nations by English alphabetical order and the member country holding the presidency is obligated to organize a SEAFF Championship in the year that has no SEA (South East Asia) Games. The country currently holding the SEAFF presidency is Phillipines.


Mr.H.M.Widarsadipradja (AIFA)
Mr.Celso L.Dayrit (PAFA)
Mr.Ronnie I.Theseira (MFF)
Mr.Richard Kee (AFAS)
General Tem Homsettee (AFAT)


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Brunei Darussalam (Brunei Darussalam Fencing Federation)
Cambodia (Fencing Federation of Cambodia)
Indonesia (All Indonesia Fencing Association)
Malaysia (Malaysian Fencing Federation)
Phillipines (Phillipine Amateur Fencers Association)
Singapore (Amateur Fencing Association of Singapore)
Thailand (Amateur Fencing Association of Thailand)
Vietnam (Vietnam Fencing Association)


1987 - SEA Games in Jarkarta, Indonesia (Fencing)
1988 - 1st SEAFF Championship in Jarkarta, Indonesia
1989 - SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Fencing)
1990 - 2nd SEAFF Championship in Bangkok, Thailand
1991 - SEA Games in Manila, Phillipines (Fencing)
1992 - 3rd SEAFF Championship in Manila, Phillipines
1993 - SEA Games in Singapore (Fencing)
1994 - SEAFF/Pacific Championship in Manila, Phillipines (1)
1995 - SEA Games in Chiangmai, Bangkok (Fencing)
1997 - 4th SEAFF Championship in Bangkok, Thailand (2)
1997 - SEA Games in Jarkarta, Indonesia (Fencing) (3)
1999 - SEA Games in Brunei Darussalam (No fencing)
2000 - 5th SEAFF Championship in Surabaya, Indonesia
2001 - SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Fencing) (4)
2002 - 6th SEAFF Championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (5)
2003 - SEA Games in Hanoi, Vietnam (Fencing) (6)
2005 - 7th SEAFF Championship in Brunei Darussalam (7)
2005 - SEA Games in Manila, Phillipines (Fencing)
2006 - 8th SEAFF Championship in Manila, Phillipines (8)
2007 - SEA Games in Bangkok, Thailand (Fencing)
2008 - 9th SEAFF Championship in Brunei Darussalam (9)
2009 - SEA Games in Laos (No fencing) (10)
2011 - SEA Games in Jakarta & Palembang, Indonesia (Fencing)
2012 - 10th SEAFF Championship in Ho Chih Ming, Vietnam
2013 - SEA Games in Nay Pyi Taw & Yangon, Myanmar (No Fencing) (11)
2014 - 11th SEAFF Championship in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2015 - SEA Games in Singapore (Fencing)

(1) Singapore not being able to hold a SEAFF Championship in 1994 passed it on to Malaysia. Malaysia couldn't hold it too and it was passed over to Phillipines. With time running out and the number of participants from member countries very low, Phillipines decided to open it to the Pacific region to include Taiwan, HongKong and Australia and called it the SEAFF/Pacific.

(2) Thailand deferred the SEAFF Championship from 1996 to early 1997.

(3) The unfortunate turmoil in Indonesia prevented them from hosting a SEAFF Championship in 1998. Sadly, there was no fencing in the 1999 SEA Games in Brunei so the presidency remained with Indonesia. Indonesia was only able to host a SEAFF Championship in early 2000. Brunei made it's maiden appearance in this SEAFF Championship.

(4) There was no team events in this SEA Games.

(5) Women's sabre individual and team made it's debut in this SEAFF Championship thus the maximum twelve events ( six men events and six women events ) for fencing was being held for the first time.

(6) Vietnam became the seventh country to join SEAFF and included fencing in this SEA Games but team events for women's foil and epee was excluded.

(7) Brunei requested to be the host for the 7th SEAFF Championship in 2004 and member countries unanimously agreed to give it to them. Due to unforseen circumstances, the competition was postponed to 2005.

(8) This Championship edition will also see the hosting of the first Junior and Cadet categories to be held simultaneously with the seniors category.

(9) Cambodia reregistered it's Fencing Federation on May 2006 and finally made their return to competitive fencing in this Championship. The federation now have eight members.

(10) Despite having pledges of full support from FIE and FCA to help Laos host the fencing event Laos refused to include it in this SEA Games.

(11) Like Laos, Myanmar decided not to include fencing in this SEA Games.

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